Pixels & Sentences

Hello all,

I started this blog because my other one is mainly for my writing. I want this one to be a site where we can all submit photos and words. I hope you spread the word. I will be posting photos with up to one paragraph for each photo. Limit one photo submit each day.

My writing can be found Writings and Ramblings

and also on Medium.com My StoriesMy StoriesMy Stories

I hope this is a place where we can come together as story tellers. If we tell our story by words or photos, we are all still story tellers. I hope you will join me on this new journey.

You can email photos with words ( or just words, or just photos) to me. debbs31@hotmail.com and put in the title pixels & sentences so I know you want to be on the blog.

As always thank you for being here. Thank you for the time to read my words. Here is my first photo and words. I hope to hear yours soon.



His words nestled against my skin as if he was kissing me from afar and I wish I was in his arms.

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